Week 2 ONL 152 course (29/09 – 05/10)

Another week has flown past and its time again to reflect on week 2 – what can I share of my experiences as a participant in the ONL152 course. What have I learnt?

This week was a very different experience to the first week for me – there were times I felt completely overwhelmed and confused and I truly struggled with feelings of “disconnection” as well as “isolation”. I quickly discovered that I did not know what was to be expected of me. It was a huge relief for me to discover I was not alone – by taking the “plunge” and connecting & sharing with my peers on the course, I soon appreciated that there were others on the course with similar concerns to myself. More importantly, I realised there was a support system in place which I could easily tap into when needed 🙂

I also quickly realised, this is a completely different learning experience to any I have experienced before. Basically, classroom based face-to-face lectures maybe with a few small group tutorial sessions, was the norm when I studied my undergrad degree. Admittedly that was a good few years ago. So this week, I quickly discovered I was a “FISh” out of water on this course!

Some key insights from this week include:

  • My role in the learning process is pivotal – I need to be completely committed.
  • I must ensure that I read, write, engage and network extensively if I want to achieve my learning goals!
  • Peer networks are invaluable.
  • My facilitator (Maria) and co-facilitator (Asa) are a vital life line!
  • I now appreciate that collaboration in an online environment is not always easy – much of it takes place asynchronously and this “mismatch of timing” can be most frustrating when you are looking for answers and interaction with others.
  • I do love Google hangouts – they provide a wonderful time to engage with peers 🙂
  • Developing my digital literacies is a key part of the course.

I end this week with new insights on online learning and a greater understanding myself a learner. Bring on week three … #readytolearnmore


One comment

  1. jlofgreen · October 8, 2015

    it’s pretty awful, being lonely together in cyberspace. let’s change that!


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