Week 9 ONL 152 course (17/11– 24/11) – Topic 7 Concluding week: ONL, future perspectives

Having experienced this online course as student, which I have found fascinating, it is my hope to continue my learning in this area. So what was are my future plans, what’s up for me? I wish to investigate what it is like to be an online student in a different learning design, as well as being a student on a MOOC. I have therefore begun my investigation into what online (x)MOOCs are available and due to start in early 2016. For example, I am curious about (x)MOOCs and experiencing being a MOOC student first-hand. I want to answers the following questions: how does the MOOC student experience differ from the learning experience that I have had on the ONL152 course and will I successfully complete the (x)MOOC etc? I do need to gain greater insight into different learning design and pedagogical approaches being used to deliver online courses and why some course designs work for students and others don’t. There is so much potential in eLearning but we (the world wide teaching community) are still learning and looking for learning designs and pedagogy that work effectively in the online environment.

The idea of extending my own learning by completing short and focused courses really appeals to me, I am keen to explore the world of online courses in small manageable “chunks”. I have enjoyed being a student again, the learning experience in the ONL152 course is so different to anything I have experienced before and it has left me feeling excited to explore and learn more.

I intend to continue my reading of research taking place in the key themes covered in the ONL course. After participating in this course, I can better appreciate the fact that we are each responsible for our own scholarship and, as education professionals, we need to dedicate time to doing reading and research. Taking the time to keep current by reading research papers and keeping abreast of new trends in this dynamic field is essential. Going forward, I will need to set aside more time to do this as I have only scraped the surface of what is available.

I have slowly started to extend my online PLN. Thanks to the ONL152 course, over the past few weeks I have connected with some really amazing learning and teaching enthusiasts. I still have a lot to do in this area. My online network will need to grow significantly in the months to come if I want to make the most of the worldwide professional network of learning and teaching experts that are engaging with each other.  Through connecting with this network, I hope to follow what’s happening worldwide as well as see the key trends. I will also need to have to develop my own digital footprint in the future. I need to start to write and share ideas online, though I remain primarily a consumer and observer in the digital world.

So as the ONL152 course ends, my journey of eLearning is only beginning. I am looking forward to learning more.


One comment

  1. johanvonh · November 27, 2015

    I have been enjoying your blog and I like your future plans! Thank you for great team work and good luck in the future!


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